Home Buying Steps
Home Buying Steps | Fox Home Team  | Assisting Buyers | Opening Doors for Morris County NJ Home BuyersBuying a home is a very personal experience. We work with home buyers everyday and have learned to be respectful of your needs. We are ready to work with you at your pace - fast or slow. Having a great Buyer's Agent to assist you can mean the difference between a smooth transaction, and a stressful nightmare.

The home buying process begins with our meeting to discuss your needs and desires. We will also discuss how Buyer Agency can help you to save thousands dollar and countless hours of time.

The next step is to contact a mortgage consultant to Get Pre-Approved for your home loan. This is a very important step. Once you are Pre-Approved, you can shop for your new home with confidence. Just as important, you will have more leverage when negotiating with the seller of your new home.

If you do not already have one, we can refer a mortgage consultant to you. This person will have the experience and financial products necessary to ensure that you get the best home loan - with the lowest possible interest rate. We can also introduce you to a other professionals including real estate attorneys, home inspectors, and title agents.

The next step will be to search the Garden State Multiple Listing Service (GSMLS) for all available home that meet your needs. At this pont, we will set you up on Daily Email Alerts and you will be notified when any new listings come on the market. In all cases, we will provide you with the address and location of each home so you can drive by the property, if you so choose.

When you are ready, we will schedule appointments with the owners of each home that you would like to see. As we visit the homes together, I will be looking for clues about the seller’s personal situation and the condition of the property. This way, if you are interested in making an offer, we will be armed with valuable information which will provide you with the best negotiating strategy possible.

At some point, you will find a home that you want to buy. Our team will prepare and present your offer, assist you with negotiations, write up the contracts, and manage your transaction from contract to closing. Home inspections, deposit monies, surveys, title work, appraisals, mortgage contingencies, transferring utilities, and scheduling closings are just a few of the details that we help coordinate for you. Of course, we will keep you updated and protect your interests each and every step of the way.

The average time from getting your contract accepted to closing is about 60 days, although shorter or longer closings can be negotiated. Every transaction is unique, so we will monitor all of the important details very closely. Remember, we will be there to serve you. If you are concerned or confused at any point, let us know immediately. There is no such thing as a stupid question when you are dealing with a large investment like buying a home.

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